Let me start by congratulating those who saw

their names especially those who truly suffered

to pass their exams and some who had

miraculous results, I know you must have

celebrated a lot, it is okay, you deserve it, I will

get back to you later though.


For those who did not see their names. Well, the

news of the release is not yet official on the

Jamb website, so it is because they are yet to

upload the names entirely, infact our sources are

hinting that this is the merit batch, the

catchment and ELDS and all that will still follow

soon, then the remaining will be sent to other

schools, so do not relent yet, continue praying, if

you are admitted through the catchment list,

nobody will care to ask you that after you

graduate with a first class, so there is no

difference. At this time, you can only pray and

continue checking. It may be entirely released

tomorrow or before the end of the week, we will

keep you updated, once they update the list, we

will notify our followers.


Back to those who saw their names. Heave a

huge sigh of relief, pop champagne, celebrate,

dance you deserve it. One of our inbox messages

is about an aspirant who upon learning that he

had been admitted, went straight into the

bathroom and washed off all the badluck from

Jamb. You probably did something worse and

more bizarre but you should. I know someone

may have told you that this is just an admission

consideration but this is in fact the real thing.

Jamb made it clear that they won’t be giving out

admission letters according to a directive from

the Minister, so this is equivalent to a Jamb

admission letter.


Then the screening part, do not be over-zealous,

the screening forms are not yet out! What is this

screening anyway? This screening is more or less

just part of your physical clearance, it is not

really a screening. Once you have been posted

for admission and your O’level is complete then

you are 80+% certain of your admission.

The screening forms will be made available

before the end of the month, this is because the

screening requires a lot of processes, it entails

biometrics data capturing to ensure you are the

owner of your Jamb result and form, O’level

checking and so many others. So just enjoy

yourselves now, the screening won’t be hard at

all, we will keep you updated but please,

disregard any point system for now,Jamb has

discredited that report so it won’t be used



finally, praise God no matter your condition. For

those who were not posted, keep hope alive and

don’t stop praying at this critical moment. We

promise to keep you updated.


Congratulations once again,


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