How to make free calls to any number in the world

There’s a common saying “Naija people too like free things” well to a large statistics I have carried out that statement is very true(lol, me myself n I like free things ooh:D:D).

Making free global calls to any number is what everyone loves. Today I shall be demonstrating to you d way out to making free global calls to any number in the world.

Presently free calling facility available on WhatSapp messenger, BBM,Skype,Facebook Messenger,etc. 

However, the disadvantage of using such instant messaging app for calling is that, you can only make free calls to someone who has installed the same apps.(I would b writing an article soon top 5 best apps to video call on smartphones) 

But there are times you need to communicate with friends and families who probably may not be online on the various social media. You can use voice call conference to hold important group or business meetings. With the recent crash in internet data price in the communication network and emergence of cheap Android smartphones and tablets, making free global calls will possibly be the replacement of the ‘normal’ calling via Airtime credit.

After taking research on the free calling app providers I have decided that the best for global calling is the WhatsCall.

WhatsCall is a free app available on Android platform that allows you to make Calls to  any number in the word and FOC (free of charge). The best thing about the app is that your friends do not need to have it installed or have a smartphone, for you to be able to call them( even if na touchlight phone e go connect:D:D:D).

An average Nigerian spends nothing less than 500# weekly on airtime (if e too save) Imagine how much money you can save! Taking statistics over 60% of WhatsCall users who are using Free Calls have saved about N8,000 ($26) per month, that’s over N90,000 ($300) per year! Don’t you want to be one of them?

No more Hidden Extra Charges

Whatscall uses WiFi or 3G/4G internet and it doesnt matter where you call from there won’t be any charges from your telecom provider. The call quality is super clear.

Identifiable Caller ID’s

WhatsCall seamlessly integrates with your existing contact list. WhatsCall shows the caller ID and number from all incoming calls, saving you from having to deal with unwanted calls. Your friends will know it is you who’s calling!

No Phone Bills

WhatsCall is free free free…….

WhatsCall uses an easy pre-paid system: you can earn yourself free credits (points) when you complete some simple task. These credits are used to make free global calls to any number in the world. For Nigeria numbers, you are charged 250 credits per 2minutes, you can also check out the Amazing call rate to foreign countries. Its super cheap in addition to the fact that you ain’t even paying for the credit. Superb isn’t it?

How to Get Free Credits

Whatscall provides 5 ways to earn free credits

 1. Daily Check-ins – checking in daily to what’s call gives you a free 100 credit and checking in for 7days consistently would give you a whooping 1000credit bonus making it a 1600 at the end of the week.

 2. Checking of ads(just tap it) : through checking of ads at various intervals of the day 100’s of credits could be won. You could tap it at 10-20mins intervals and keep getting 100credits till you get tayad( you could make up to 3000credits using the ad system for free)

 3. Tap n Install: this allows you earn 500-4000 credits daily just by installing some apps on your smartphone. The more you install the more credits you get.

 4. Invite friends : for every friend you invite to what’s call you get a free 1000 credit.

 5. Completely Hard Tasks: varieties of tasks are being offered to you to do. Completely them, you could earn up to 50,000 credits all depends on how much time you have to finish the tasks but believe me it’s not as hard as they say…

Where to Get WhatsCall for Android 

Click the link below to download and install Whatscall on your Android devices now and start making free call worldwide

Download Whatscall

Now that’s D WAY OUT to making free global calls.
Please comment below if you found this helpful.


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